Let’s choose the Future together!

Сharitable foundation "Choosing the Future Together" ("Obyrayemo Maybutne Razom") was founded in 2013 by Yelyzaveta Yurusheva. It’s main goal is to evolve personal self-fulfilment among the young generation and to help teenagers make their first steps into a new future life with more confidence.

Children are our future, and it depends only on us which prospects they will open to us.  Thus, our aim is to help the adolescents, because the development of our country is in their hands.  Fairly enough, children from the orphanages and the boarding schools are the ones who are in need of our help foremost.

“The most valuable things that we can give to our children are love and education,” – the founder of organisation, Yelyzaveta Yurusheva, proclaims  – “Financial support and essential assistance is surely important for children left without any parental care.  But despite this, I think it’s important to contribute to the moral education of adolescents, to improve the conditions of educational process, to give them an opportunity to get higher education, to help them find a real purpose in their life.”

Very often, children that were deprived of family care, are facing problems in terms of socialization, such as: uncertainties in communication, inability to manage their lives, dependence on the other people’s opinions, and a lack of motivation in gaining the future profession.  We can change the situation!  This is exactly what the mission of “Choosing the Future Together” is: to help those children who need it the most, find their predestination, become happy and successful personalities.

Thus, the foundation team is working hard day to day to provide, in addition to financial aid, the opportunity for orphans to overcome different psychological barriers, to deepen their knowledge and help them gain new skills and find motivation through diverse work directions.

The Foundation provides assistance to children of two age categories – infants and toddlers from 0 to 3 years old and adolescents aged 16-17, correspondingly. We organize the programs toddlers which help to improve their general health state with the help of positive emotions and adjustment of their psycho-emotional state. And for older children there are held lectures and workshops on career guidance, distance trainings for External independent exams (i.o.w. “ZNO”) preparation, personal development trainings, consultations and classes on financial literacy,  as well as motivational meetings with well-known personalities.

Institutions and boarding schools in the custody of Foundation:

Contact Information:

04070, Kyiv, 11 Petra Sagaidachnogo Street
+380 (44) 220-42-90

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